Stainless Steel Wine Barrels: Earth’s Best Friend

These days, everyone is looking for environmentally-friendly ways to go about their business. Sustainability and ‘green initiatives’ are on everyone’s mind, no matter what industry they are in. Stainless steel wine barrels have quickly grown as a sustainable friend in the wine industry — offering winemakers and wine-sellers an environmentally conscious alternative to oak barrels and glass bottles.

As winemakers implement sustainable practices such as water reclamation ponds, solar power, composting and more, sustainable wine barrels offer another line of defense against landfill filling and resource depletion.

Stainless steel is one of the world’s most widely recycled material. But, more than the high recycling rate, the properties of stainless steel offer numerous sustainability advantages to the wine industry.

We’ve written about a few of them here before, so, in honor of Earth Day this weekend, here’s a quick round-up of some of our favorite blogs celebrating the sustainability of stainless steel wine barrels:

When to Go Stainless? — The reusability of a stainless steel wine barrel has both environmental and economic advantages to wineries.

Another Wine Kegged, Another Bottle Saved — The growing popularity of wine-on-tap helps save the environment one saved wine bottle at a time.

Stainless Wine Barrels to the Rescue & Sudden Oak Death and the Wine Barrel Shortage — A state-wide epidemic of ‘Sudden Oak Death’ not only made oak barrels more expensive, it also brought the need to protect and rebuild our forests to the forefront.

Stainless Steel Wine Barrels: A Simple Step Towards Water Conservation & The California Drought and the Impact on Wine Production — Winemaking takes a lot of water, easy-to-clean stainless steel helps wineries keep operating without exacerbating drought conditions.

Our planet is precious, and one thing has become clear in the recent past: green initiatives are more than a trend, they are a necessity and, we’re proud to report, a new industry standard for winemakers.

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