Stainless Steel Wine Barrel Replacement Parts

The useful life expectancy of an oak wine barrel is 5-7 years. After that, the barrel has little or no beneficial flavor components to impart to the wine it is holding. Essentially the barrel becomes a neutral container – what the stainless steel wine barrel was all along. However, at 5 years, the oak barrel construction starts deteriorating to a condition rendering it unuseable. At 5 years, the stainless steel wine barrel is still going strong.

Stainless Steel Wine Barrels never need to be replaced. They will never need to be purged. They may need a few replacement parts, and for that, we have the following inventory:

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2″ solid end cap for Tri-Clover Ferrule


2″ buna gasket for solid end cap


2″ clamp closure for Tri-Clover Ferrule


1/2″ Round White EPDM Gasket for 55 gallon drum cover


Carbon Steel Bolt Ring with 5/8″ x 4″ Nut and Bolt