International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show: A Case for Buying Bulk in Stainless Steel Kegs

Shipping wine can be a logistical nightmare. Whether you are a vineyard shipping your wine to a producer to make a blend, or a winemaker or fulfillment company shipping to retail locations and restaurants, shipping wine is one of the biggest logistical challenge in the wine business. Add in the increase demand and consumption of wine according to the most recent California grape crush, and wineries and winemakers are anxious to maintain a supply that matches the demand.

At the end of the day, a high demand for your product is a very nice problem to have, and bulk wine has become a favorable solution. This summer, the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show in San Francisco will host numerous discussions and workshops on navigating the bulk wine world. Speakers include Wine Institute CEO, Bobby Koch, International Wine & Spirits Research’s Brandy Rand, Turrentine Brokerage’s Steve Fredricks, wine journalist and sensory consultant, Deborah Parker Wong and others.

Attendees will explore and unpack recent wine trends, discover the tips and tricks to sourcing and buying bulk wine and take a crash course in avoiding obstructions in their distribution channel.

Shipping wine is the primary focus of the entire second day of the conference. Speakers will cover imports, exports and domestic beverage logistics, certificates of analysis and even contract negotiation.

With shipping logistics causing consistent headaches in the wine world, the strength, durability and bulk-friendly nature of stainless steel wine barrels and stainless steel wine kegs bears mentioning. Winemakers can preserve the flavor profile of their product for longer in stainless steel and, as wine lovers flock to their local watering holes, wine retailers can deliver a steady stream of wine on tap (pun intended), without the risk and waste of glass bottles.

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