The 2017 KEGGY Awards are Underway

The fourth annual KEGGY Awards, hosted by Free Flow Wines, are coming up in October and wine enthusiasts are running out of time to nominate their favorite wines for consideration. Today is the LAST chance to nominate your favorite restaurant, bar, hotel or any other location showcasing a commitment to exceptional kegged wine.

Voting begins tomorrow, July 1st, so get over to Free Flow Wines’ website to show your support for the winemakers and wine sellers who are doing their part to breathe new sustainability into the wine industry. Kegged wine saves glass bottles, landfills and even water. Stainless steel wine drums are easier to clean and store than bottles or oak barrels and allow winemakers and sellers alike to preserve the intended flavors.

We are so happy that Free Flow and the KEGGY’s are calling attention to our industry’s sustainability achievements and stellar wine-on-tap programs.

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