Why Kegged Wine?

Winemakers pour their hearts and souls into their work (pun intended). To them, every bottle is a work of art. And so, it is very important that every glass of their wine tastes the way they intended. This quality control is one of the many reasons wine on tap has been growing in popularity for the last several years.

Wine on tap, or kegged wine, allows restaurants to serve approximately 120 glasses with the same quality wine that they would serve in bottles. The difference, however, is that the airtight and opaque nature of a stainless steel wine drum protects the wine from the damages of oxidization and sunlight. Not to mention the fact that the average keg of wine holds about 26.6 bottles of wine. So, by kegging the wine, winemakers and restaurants are saving those bottles from going to a landfill.

The quality control and sustainability of kegged wine obviously appeals to the winemakers themselves, but what of the restaurants choosing to serve wine on tap?

Well, restaurants don’t want to serve their customers wine that doesn’t taste good. Wine on tap eliminates bottles left sitting around already open or being stored incorrectly. So quality control, again, is a good perk. These days, every business strives to be more sustainable, but there are a few other restaurant benefits of kegged wine, such as efficiency and cost management.

Efficiency – not only does kegged wine create less physical waste in packaging and the likes, but also it helps prevent the waste of time. Servers can pour glasses faster and with more control, allowing them to focus their time on taking care of their customers and other restaurant needs.

Cost – When you factor in the factor that not every bottle of wine that is opened is typically completely used, kegged wine avoids wine waste. No one likes wasted wine. Not only is it inefficient, but it also isn’t cost-effective to have to dump out product.

Stainless steel wine drums and kegs have a strong place on both the production and consumption side of things. Next time you see a restaurant offering wine on tap, check it out! It’s easy to try new and different wines without committing to a whole glass or bottle, and it is really good for the environment. What’s not to love?

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