Stainless Steel Wine Gadgets Galore!

As wine lovers and wine industry partners, we’re positively tickled by how many innovative new wine gadgets come out each year. It seems as though wine enthusiasts can never stop playing with their favorite grapey beverage, finding new ways to heighten, preserve or just enjoy their favorite flavors.

We’re always on the lookout for the latest wine innovations, but when we found this article from Wine Enthusiast exclusively highlighting stainless steel wine gadgets, we couldn’t help but smile.

Wine Enthusiasts highlights a few sophisticated stainless steel wine products, including stylish golf club-shaped single-glass-sized chilling wands, classic stainless steel ‘Glacier Rocks,’ and double-walled stemless stainless tumblers. They also tested out some new freezer-gel-filled stainless-steel shot glasses that you could use for wine, but were probably designed with vodka in mind.

Photo by Jens Johnson, taken from

In addition to being sleek, stylish and totally awesome for stainless steel wine barrels and fermentation tanks, stainless steel is a powerful ally for keeping your wine cool without watering it down, so this list of stainless steel wine gadgets has us itching for cool white wines and warmer weather.

What are your favorite stainless steel wine gadgets or accessories?


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