The KEGGY’s First-Ever “People’s Choice” Award

Drink up and cast your votes because Free Flow Wines has opened the nomination box for the first-ever “KEGGY People’s Choice” Award. Anyone can nominate a favorite restaurant, bar, hotel, winery or other account for offering exceptional wines on tap.

The KEGGY Awards were created to recognize wineries for their achievements in wine on tap. KEGGY creators, Free Flow Wines, believe that wine on tap in stainless steel kegs enables wine enthusiasts to enjoy wines with all of the notes and flavors the maker intended. At Skolnik, we agree. Not only do stainless steel wine barrels give winemakers more control and flexibility in the batches they dream up, they also greatly reduce the cost of traditional packaging, aging and transportation.

Stainless steel kegs and wine barrels reduce the carbon footprint of wineries of all sizes. And, with the booming popularity of tap rooms, stainless steel wine kegs are an excellent, sustainable and delicious stocking solution.

So, if you know a great place that offers wine on tap, submit your nomination online here or through social media by posting a photo of the account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and including #KeggyAwards, @FreeFlowWine and @TryWineOnTap in the post.

Nominations will be accepted now through June 30th, voting will be conducted online throughout July, and the winners will be announced at the second annual KEGGY Awards on October 22nd in Napa.

Celebrate steel!

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