Stainless Steel Stemware

Here at Skolnik, we’re constantly preaching the benefits of stainless steel in the wine world. Sure, we are a little biased because we manufacture stainless steel wine barrels, but stainless steel and wine’s relationship isn’t just a passing phase.

Stainless steel fermentation tanks have been a staple of winemaking for a long, long time, but in the past several years we’ve seen stainless steel pop up even more throughout the winemaking and wine drinking experience. Stainless steel wine barrels and kegged wine continue to grow in popularity, and then there’s the most recent popular use for stainless steel in wine: drinkware.

We’ve seen stainless steel tumblers, stainless steel cooling sticks, and so much more. The latest stainless steel drinkware? Stainless steel wine glass with a lid. This bad boy is bringing stemware sophistication to the stainless steel tumbler world. The steel is double walled to keep your wine the right temperature and the lid creates an air-tight seal keeping your wine fresher for longer (and helping prevent spills).

Food grade stainless steel has numerous industrial applications in food processing, shipment and storage. It’s always neat to see how product designers and innovators are using it in consumer goods.

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