New Zealand Wine Country Rocked by a 7.5 Earthquake

Wineries in New Zealand are in clean-up mode after North Canterbury experienced a 7.5 earthquake on the morning of Monday, November 14.

The quake, which was widely felt throughout both the South and North Islands came with more than 50 aftershocks and caused severe damage in some locations. Local wineries have reported that their people are safe, but that quite a bit of clean-up will be required throughout the properties.

Canterbury and the Waipara Valley are known for the production of outstanding craft wines including Pinot Noirs, Riselings, Chardonnays and others. The vineyards are situated across nearly 200km of the South Island’s eastern coastline where the cool, dry climate and good sunshine provide a long growing season. Wines from this region regularly achieve critical acclaim for their sub-regional expression, intense flavors, richness and complex fruit notes.

Approximately 11 tons of wine are produced in these New Zealand wineries each year, so we at Skolnik wish them a safe and speedy recovery.

It wasn’t too long ago when a larger (6.0) earthquake struck close to America’s wine home, Napa Valley. Many wineries and storage facilities were in a state of disarray, with tanks and barrels damaged and tons of wine lost. Our friend Terin Ignozzi of Bryter Estates sent us a photo of their Skolnik Stainless Steel wine drums completely intact — letting us know that their team and their product was safe and secure.

We hope that as our wine-loving friends in New Zealand assess the damage and begin to clean-up, that they too find solace in the strength and durability of any stainless steel wine barrels. At the moment, most wineries are reporting the damage as minor.

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