Enjoying Wine Virtually

The past twenty months have not been a picnic for any industry or individual. While we are certainly not grateful for the hardships and heartache we have all faced over the last year and a half, these unfortunate challenges have pushed innovation forward in some spaces that had become stagnant. 

At Skolnik, we love seeing innovation in the wine industry. We manufacture stainless steel wine barrels, a product that winemaking traditionalists often struggle to embrace or shirk entirely (until, of course, they’re faced with the sizeable economical and environmental advantages). The fact is that the wine industry, at least the art of making wines, is steeped in tradition and some resistance to innovation is to be expected. But, if there’s something wineries and wine shops across the globe have embraced over the last year it is the virtual wine tasting, and boy do we love to see it!

Wine tasting and other wine events can feel intimidating. Even if the entire purpose of a wine tasting is to educate and engage non-expert wine lovers, swirling and sipping in front of an expert is daunting. Not to mention, some folks may not live nearby a winery or be familiar with those near them. Virtual wine nights have made wine even more accessible — empowering folks to listen, laugh and learn about different varieties and pairing options from the comfort of their living room.

From virtual wine nights pairing wines with popular Halloween candy or Thanksgiving sides, to nights guest-hosted by celebrities or celebrity chefs, there has been so much creativity and connectivity poured into the wine tasting experience.

With the holidays just around the corner, there are an impressive number of virtual and in-person wine nights available around the world. Perhaps a virtual wine tasting experience from a creative local winery is the perfect gift you’ve been looking for for that special someone?

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