Style & Steel: Emerging Stainless Steel Wine Accessories

At Skolnik, we know stainless steel is a true friend to wine and winemakers worldwide, but even with that knowledge, the emergence of stainless steel wine accessories has us amused.

From a production and storage perspective, stainless steel has many advantages in the wine business, but what of the consumption and style perspective? Well, wine enthusiasts who craved a little stainless steel of their own need wait no more: GSI Outdoors is now offering stainless steel wine glasses.

How could one possibly benefit from stainless steel stemware? A few advantages come to mind. First, stainless steel is a more viable material to take wine on-the-go, or crack a bottle open while on a nice hike or picnic where glass is a risk and plastic cheapens the moment. Second, if you’re busting a bottle and a few glasses out of your backpack on a hike, that cool stainless steel is going to make that luke-warm bottle of Sauvignon Blanc more palatable and refreshing. Third, it’s durable. Fourth, some people just really, really love stainless steel?

Like us! We love stainless steel, and we love that the wine-world is embracing stainless steel!  But, with GSI offering two styles of stainless steel wine glasses (stemmed and stemless) as part of their “Gourmet Backpacker” line, we can’t help but crack a smile.

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