The Cryos — Kickstarting the First Instant Wine Chiller

As technology evolves and new winemaking innovations enter the market, winemakers bask in the glory that is control. It’s why many winemakers favor stainless steel wine barrels and tanks to the traditional oak barrels, it’s why new oak and flavoring alternatives are discovered daily, it’s why we have millions of new varietals. Control. But how to winemakers control the temperature at which their precious wine is enjoyed? The Cryos Wine Chiller.

If you don’t drink wine at the temperature its maker intended, you don’t get the flavor and aroma its maker intended. No matter how nice, fancy or expensive the wine, serving it at the wrong temperature can quickly destroy its taste. The Cryos chills entire glasses or bottles of white and red wines to their desired temperature in less than 60 seconds.

The Cryos boasts a easy-to-use touch screen control panel that allows you to select whether you are chilling a bottle or a glass, a red or a white, and even the grape varietal to ensure your wine is chilled to perfection. The design is sleek, simple, easy-to-store and, frankly, resembles a Keurig machine.

[Photo courtesy of The Cryos Wine Chiller Kickstarter page]
[Photo courtesy of The Cryos Kickstarter page]
Like many modern innovations, The Cryos Wine Chiller is making its first foray into the marketplace via Kickstarter. The campaign launched just a week ago and, at time of this blog’s publishing, has raised over $21,000, but is still a long way from funded.

Businesses and wine enthusiasts alike can benefit from serving wines at the appropriate temperature. After all, wine is an art, and winemaker’s deserve for their art to be experienced as they intended.

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