Summer Sipping: Rosé All Day

Patio season is officially upon us, which means patio wine season is upon us. While we’d never tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t enjoy on a sun-soaked patio, we can safely say that rosé  is never a bad choice. But, as Forbes Contributor, Jill Barth put it in a recent piece, “It would be a mistake to see rosé wine as a singular object.”

And indeed she is right. There’s more to rosé than it’s pink hue and recent rise to patio and screen-print stardom. For one thing, there are many ways to make a rosé – with intensity or delicacy, with short or longer exposure to the temperature that gives it its color, with grapes from here, or there, or beyond. There’s a lot going on in a rosé.

For example, a rosé blend, particularly popular in Provence, gives the winemaker more flexibility in the flavor profile and in utilizing the best grapes in their harvest. The rules are looser and the opportunities open for play.

In areas where climate change is causing especially fickle fields, winemakers may try their hand at a more sustainable rosé. Because rosé owes it’s hue to a temperature precision, it can be tricky when the weather isn’t playing nice. Producers risk losing freshness or acidity. And so there are more and more producers and growers looking to minimize their impact on the environment as they make their wine.

If you’re looking for something convenient to sip on, a canned rosé is extra patio friendly. Not every wine is suited for cans, but it’s no coincidence that canned wine has boomed in popularity alongside rosé. Cans are great for summer months, on the patio or poolside, where you don’t want to bring glass bottles. They are served cool and do a great job of keeping their cool, thus keeping their consumers cool as well.

As for regions with especially unique and varied rosés, we’d point you to Rioja (Spain), the Loire Valley (France), and the South of France. And it is worth mentioning that all of these recommended rosé destinations have their own multitude of rosé varieties.

Yes, rosé is full of surprises. Did you know you can even make one of America’s favorite reds, the Pinot Noir, as a rosé?! Rosé is delicate and requires precision and nuance to do well, but that doesn’t mean that there’s only one way to do it. So the next time you wince or roll your eyes when you see someone wearing a shirt that says “rosé all day,” think about the variety you could have if you enjoyed rosé every day. Oh, and happy Summer sipping!

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