Social Distancing with Stainless Steel

With everyone desperate to see friends and family, but also careful to do so as safely as possible, picnics have made quite a comeback. A BYOB picnic is the brunch of 2020. And if your social calendar has suddenly filled up with picnics, you’ve probably noticed that the average household is not really equipped to brunch. Sure, you have a backpack, a spare blanket or beach towel, maybe some paper plates stashed away from when parties were a thing you could host, but the thrown together picnic basket is exhausting and…well…not pretty or efficient.

You need something chic yet functional. Tools you can grab and go. Containers that will keep your food and drinks at the appropriate temperatures. You probably need more stainless steel than you think. Food grade stainless steel, like the stainless steel we use for our stainless steel wine drums (wink), is the picnickers best friend. It saves the environment from single-use plastic and paper, it’s easy to clean, it keeps things cool or hot, and it looks pretty darn nice.

Here’s some fabulous picnic-friendly gear, note the repeat appearances of food grade stainless steel:

A gorgeous, waterproofed picnic blanket

[This one by VonShef]

Stainless steel insulated wine tumbler

[Pictured: Coleman Claret Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Glass]

Stainless steel can coolers

[Pictured from BruMate]

A stainless steel wine chiller, if you’re feeling a little extra

[Pictured from Vinglace]

Collapsible pop-up trash can

[Pictured here by Coghlan]

This handy corkscrew & bread knife in-one

[Via UncommonGoods]

An all-in-one Picnic Backpack with cutting board, plates, silverware, etc

[link to pictured kit]

In our hometown of Chicago, we’ve probably only got a few weeks of picnic-friendly weather left. So stay safe, socially distanced, and make the most of the resurgence of picnics. We know we’re fans.

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