Small Wineries Prefer Stainless Steel

Stainless steel wine barrels and tanks have risen in popularity amongst wineries of all sizes, but smaller winemakers were among the earliest adopters of the modern wine barrel. For a variety of reasons – versatility, strength, cleanliness and the overall customization capabilities – stainless steel wine barrels have emerged as a mainstay in small wineries.

Of course, some stainless steel barrels are better than others. On the east coast, quality stainless steel barrels have a reputation for being pretty pricey. However, Skolnik Industries manufactures stainless steel wine barrels exceeding the industry’s strength and quality standards and can supply wineries all across America. There are always options and opportunities when you’re determined to use only the best stainless steel for your wine barrels and tanks.

Stainless steel wine barrels give small wineries the flexibility they need – in cost, batch-size and style or shape – to continue to try new things while keeping up with their market. Available in a practically limitless range of sizes and customization options – valves, closures, gaskets, the works, stainless steel wine barrels deliver freedom to those who love producing new, quality wines.

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