Fall into Fall with these Wines

One of the best things about wine is its versatility. With so many varieties, there will inevitably be a wine that perfectly fits every occasion! As we move forward from summer to fall in the coming months, it’s important to shift gears with the type of wine you’re getting as well. Here is a small sampling of the different types of wines that go best in the fall. As a bonus they are also all commonly made in stainless steel barrels, just like the ones we make here at Skolnik.

In the fall we are going to be looking for more full-bodied white wines, as well as medium-bodied red wines. Some popular wines that fall into these categories, and are made in stainless steel barrels are the classic Chardonnay, and Cabernet Franc, a white and red respectively. These are going to be very complementary to the cooler weather and the more warm and filling autumnal foods. In addition, if you were hoping to make some Mulled Wine, a classic fall time drink, we recommend using a Grenache which is a high tannin, very fruity wine. 

When that first Autumn chill hits, and the leaves start changing colors, one of the best parts of the season is cozying up with a glass of wine. Don’t forget to pair them with all sorts of fun fall foods and desserts to make the most of their flavors. Until then though, keep enjoying your summer wines!

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