Congrats to the 2018 Masters of Wine

Raise a glass to celebrate ten new Masters of Wine! Just last week, The Institute of Masters of Wine honored ten new winemakers with the title. The newest batch of Masters of Wine hail from around the globe and feature the first female winemaker of Greek descent and the first female winemaker based in Spain to hold the title.

These latest additions bring us to 380 Masters of Wine, based in 30 different countries.

To receive the honor, winemakers must have a proven understanding of all aspects of wine, pass the rigorous Master of Wine examination, and sign the Masters of Wine code of conduct, part of which requires them to use every opportunity to share their understanding of wine with others.

Congrats to the new Masters of Wine: Almudena Alberca (Spain), Barbara Drew (UK), Olga Karapanou Crawford (USA), Regine Lee (UK), Elsa Macdonald (Canada), Thomas Parker (UK), Lindsay Pomeroy (USA), Nicolas Quillé (USA), Job de Swart (Netherlands) and Tim Triptree (UK).

At Skolnik, we’re no strangers to high standards. Our stainless steel wine barrels and all of our other products are rigorously tested as well and are manufactured to exceed the industry standards, delivering stronger, thicker and heavier-duty steel drums.

More information on the Masters of Wine requirements and the new honorees here.

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