Wind Down with “The Wine Show”

If you’ve been going a little stir-crazy this year, that is 100% understandable and acceptable. As we all stay safely distanced and at home, wine sales are booming. Relaxing with a glass of some grapey goodness at the end of the day seems to be a national past time, and also just a nice way to mark time.

As proud members of the wine industry, manufacturing stainless steel wine barrels, the Skolnik team is constantly keeping an eye out for new innovations in wine. But sometimes, we just need a heavy pour of entertainment. That’s where “The Wine Show” has been a boon for us these last few months. And, since “The Wine Show” is as educational as it is entertaining and often features innovations in winemaking, packaging and consumer accessories, we’ve deemed it relevant information for our readers.

“The Wine Show” follows actors Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys exploring various wine cultures and countries, and learning about the nuances of wine production, history and varieties from wine experts Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer among others. Each episode also features a chef who chooses a favorite wine and crafts a meal to pair it with. The show is focused on presenting wine in a really new and fresh way, keeping it interesting for wine experts and novices alike.

There are two seasons of the show, both are available to stream on Hulu at present. However, the show’s website also boasts an education hub and engaging blog for those looking to deepen their learning and enjoyment of wine.

It’s a fascinating show that highlights both the rich history and tradition of winemaking and the innovative, more eco-friendly future of the industry. If you’re running out of things to stream while you sip on your end-of-day glass of wine, we’d heartily recommend “The Wine Show.”

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